The Forge Community Partnership

We are an organisation that develops community owned projects, activities and accomplishments which include The Rockingham Centre, Hoyland Common Community Centre, Blackerhill Lifelong Learning Centre, Cloughfields Community Centre, along with projects and activity that supports numerous community groups, individuals and emerging social enterprises and business. Having served the community for some 25 years now with an ever-satisfying sense of pride and accomplishment.


Our ethos aligns with the Sustainable Development goals of the United Nation and Local Government Social Development objectives. These principles and goals form the bedrock of our policy and working practice. Under pinned by the three major components of the local development planning for:

  • Economic growth
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Social inclusion

Providing the backbone of our great community works, it runs through out all our projects, ensuring we give our very best for our staff and the fantastic community we serve.

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Difficult Days

Sadly these are the days we live in and the cost of living crisis is harsh. Visit our community access site Hoylandcap for local advice and support for dealing with difficulties.

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